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Caution for consumption of bamboo shoots

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Caution for consumption of bamboo shoots

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  Bamboo shoots are good, but improper consumption can cause physical discomfort or aggravate the condition. In ordinary people, excessive consumption of bamboo shoots are also likely to cause some diseases; in the weak stomach or unwell groups may erode after eating. And, bamboo shoots in the storage and purchase also have certain requirements.

  Let's take a look at the issues to pay attention to when eating:

  1, before using boiled water over, try to remove the oxalate bamboo shoots.

  2, bamboo shoots cold, so the urinary tract, gallstone patients and spleen, intestinal slip with caution.

  3, bamboo shoots contain more crude fiber, easy to make gastrointestinal motility to speed up, but also on gastric ulcer, 12 fat ulcer, stomach bleeding is extremely unfavorable for chronic gastroenteritis is not easy to recover.

  4, nephritis, cirrhosis, enteritis, hypocalcemia, osteoporosis, rickets patients Shensi; children should not eat more.

  5, can not eat, eat too much easy to induce asthma, allergic rhinitis, dermatitis and so on. Children should eat a small amount of bamboo shoots. Elderly people eat bamboo shoots must be thoroughly swallowed.

  6, avoid and partridge meat with food, so as to avoid headache and throat abscess.


  Look at the purchase side:

  1, see the root, the root of the "mole" to be red, "mole" red shoots fresh.

  2, see the festival, the closer the festival and the festival, shoot more tender.

  3, to see the shell, yellow or yellow shell color slightly pink, bamboo shell full and bright and clean the quality is better. Four to feel full, fleshy white jade.

  Food aspects:

  1, before eating boiled water should be used to remove the bamboo shoots of oxalic acid.

  2, near the tip of bamboo shoots should be smooth cut, the lower should be cross-cutting, cooking is not only easy to cooked rotten, but also more tasty.

  It is best to store:

  Should not be shelled save, avoid wind and sun, in case the meat hardens, lose the fragrance flavor. Other storage methods:

  1, will buy more fresh peeled and cut into sections (each section for consumption), into the boiling water cooked, and then let cool and put into the preservation bag separately, with the food.

  2, after buying back bamboo shoots in the first smear some salt, and then placed in the refrigerator. You can save longer.

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